George Anderson's self-portrait before Parkinson's-related dementia struck. (Anderson)
Planned revisions to mental health manual could classify problems common to millions of "normal" elders as new mental illnesses. More
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PLUS: PART 3: Overuse of Psych Drugs on Elders
BLOG: Finding the Right Place
Day to day anxiety can lead to serious illness but a new book imagines healthier alternatives.
An FDA panel's tentative approval of an Alzheimer's test opens ethical questions.
New guidelines advise doctors to do a better job preparing cancer patients for death.
Making End-of-Life Choices
There are plenty of tools to help you ensure that relatives and your doctor respect your wishes for medical intervention in a crisis.
Minorities Forego Hospice Care
Hospice care provides comfort and solace to millions confronting the end of life, but the services are widely underused by minorities.
Understanding Hospice Care
Nearly 1.7 million patients receive hospice care in the U.S., but its benefits remain underused and misunderstood.
Feds Award $55 Million to Study Alzheimer's Disease
Federal funding of new studies of Alzheimer's disease will examine the benefits of early drug intervention, exercise and treatment of agitation among patients
Three Years in Prison for Nurse in Elder Abuse Case
Nurse sentenced to three years in prison for drugging elderly patients with psychiatric medicine as a means of chemical restraint.
Psychiatric Diagnostic Manual Approved
Controversial revisions of the diagnostic 'Bible' of psychiatric disorders wins approval despite widespread objections.
Boomers Should be Tested for Hepatitis C
New recommendations call for screening all baby boomers for Hepatitis C to avert major increases in liver disease and death.
Long-term Survival Better with Bypass Surgery
Older Americans do better with bypass surgery than angioplasty, a new study has found.
Contaminated Food Deaths Hit Seniors

Contaminated food and water has doubled since 1999 and people over 65 accounted for the vast majority of those deaths.