Whether it is medical bills or inadequate retirement savings, elders are growing old with mountains of debt. More
PLUS: Dems Tie Romney to Big Oil
A lack of easy access to transit increases isolation for millions boomers as they age.

With the down economy, many older workers face extended periods of unemployment.
Evangelical Christians around the country call for more humane immigration reform.
Mobilizing for Immigration Reform
Evangelical Christians across the country have endorsed a statement on immigration reform that incorporates more humane and moral priorities in immigration.
Health Care in the Supreme Court's Hands

There are six options the US Supreme Court has for resolving the challenge to the national health care law.

Jobs Program for Older Americans Struggles
A federally-funded program to help older Americans find jobs didn't suffer new cuts for 2012, but last year's have devastated the program in many states.
Occupy Movement Crackdowns Signal Change
Occupy Wall Street movement sees police crackdowns around the country and changing tactics.
Pfizer Accused of Fixing Lipitor Price
Eleven California pharmacies accuse Pfizer of price-fixing for Lipitor.
Congressional Committee Considers Social Security Cuts
Social Security does not contribute to the deficit but it is the focus of much of the budget cutting talks by Congress.
Orange County Retiree Benefits Test
California Supreme Court must decide if Orange County has the power to cut unilaterally retiree health benefits.
Immigration Looms in Supreme Court Term
As the US Supreme Court begins the 2011-2012 term, immigration will be a major issue.
House Balks on Libyan War
The GOP-led House refused to back Obama's action in Libya, but approved funding for it.