Boomers who care for aging parents or ill spouses suffer an emotional and physical toll on their own health. More
BLOG: Boomers Start Redefining Age
Ted Roszak, the author of 'Making of a Counter Culture' predicts an 'elder insurgency' by boomers.
For some, 60 is the new 30 and author Marc Freedman believes boomers will take it farther.
Exercise for 15 minutes a day can help you live longer, a study shows.
Tweet Trumps Thief in Kenya
Urgent Twitter message at 4 a.m. thwarts thieves in a Kenyan village and demonstrates the reach of instant messaging.
Druid Heights Goes from Hip to Historic
The counterculture's Druid Heights enclave may be placed on the National Register of Historic Places.
'Counter Culture' Author Expected an 'Elder Insurgency'
Before his death, Ted Roszak predicted the counter culture generation would rise again against the indignities of aging.
Grandparents Face Challenges Raising Children
For undocumented Latinos, logistical hurdles may divide families, leaving children with grandparents.
Nicaraguan Grandmas Turn Into Entrepreneurs
With a little help, a group of Nicaraguan women learn to make and market their own jam.
Millions of Grandparents Raise Children, Often in Poverty (Part 2)
In California, one in five children grow up in poverty. Nationwide, 2.5 million grandparents raise the kids.
Prodigy, Grandmother Reflect Hidden Poverty (Part 1)
Young man's odyssey with grandparent reflects struggle in poverty in one of America's largest cities.
Asian Culture Shrouds Abuse
Part 2: Long traditions of family unity make it difficult to discover, prevent or prosecute cases of elder abuse in the Asian community.