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Low Expectations: 4 in 5 Worry About Retirement

Gaping Hole: Pension Funds Face $409 Bln Deficit

Uninsured: What to Do if You Lose Your Health Coverage

Bounce Back: 401(k)s Hit a New High

Pension Gains: Pensions Funds Saw Gains

NAM: Seniors Suffering Before Cutbacks

NAM: Poor Women Turn Jam Into Money

Plan Ahead: A Time to Plan Retirement

Eastern Wisdom: Japan's Seniors Offer Lessons

Retirement Fears: Boomer Confidence at New Low

Changing Benefits: 90% Want Pension Reform

NAM: Higher Readmission Rate for Ethnic Elders

Health Reform: Obama Asks Court to Wait

On The Job: Boomer Share of Workforce Rises

Seeking Opportunity: Boomers Unemployed Longer

Slow Recovery: Harder Comeback for Over-40 Crowed

Pension Lawsuit: Suit Expanded to 18 States

In The Will: Boomers Will Inherit $8.4 Trillion

Benefit Boom: Retirees Must Apply for Benefits

Bounce Back: 401(k)s Regain Lost Value

Newswire21: Pt. 1 - Big Problems in Small Biz Contracts

Newswire21: Pt. 2 - Fraud Rarely Punished in Contracts

Danger Zone: Seniors Will Fight Benefits Cuts

Medicare Pitfalls: Be Careful When You Sign Up

Rising Costs: Employer Insurance Costs Head Up

Hidden Pensioners: Many More Put Off Retirement

Business Boom: Adult Daycare Centers Thriving

Unclaimed: $197 Million in Pensions

On The Rise: Nursing Home Costs Head Up

Too Generous? Cash-strapped Grannies Keep Giving

Insurance Costs: Expect Another 10% Hike

Savannah River: Pension Costs Fuel Overruns

Pushed Down: Recession Hits Boomers Hardest

Just the Basics: Boomers Make Due With Necessities

Unclaimed: $197 Million in Pensions

Starting Over: Boomers Line Up for Internships

Pension Fraud: SEC Charges New Jersey

Dipping In: Boomers Still Raiding 401(k)s

Drug Inflation: Major Drug Prices Jump 8.3%

Costly Accidents: How to Save $99 Billion

Restless Workers: 1 in 4 Wants a New Job

Gap Narrows: The Young Will Pay More for Insurance

Hit Hard:Boomers Most Affected in Recession

Retirement Illusion: Boomers are Confident, but Unprepared

Tax Breaks: How Boomers Can Save $$$

Medicaid: Health Plans on a Fiscal Cliff

Getting Help: Caregivers Overlook Fiscal Planning

401 Komeback: Employer Matches Back in Style

Retirement Battle: Pensions Earn More than 401(k)s

Caregiving Costs: How Employers Can Save Money

Cruise Control: Boomers Like Autopilot Retirement Plans

Vanishing Benefits Pt. 1: 3 Million Lose Health Plans
Vanishing Benefits Pt. 2: Cutbacks Began in Boom Times

Wealthy Worries: Affluent Boomers Fret Over Retirement

Benefit Bottleneck: Cutbacks Delay Social Security Claims

Caregiver Bailout: Groups Seek a Bailout for Caregivers

Short Careers: Job-hopping Hurts Retirements

New Options: Companies Add Annuities to 401(k)s

Pass the Advice: Financial Talk at the Holiday Table

Saving More: Americans Stow Away More Cash

Working Longer: Who Can Afford to Retire?

Retiring Retirement: Notions of Retirement are Outdated

Consumer Humbug: Top Gripes of American Consumers

Boomer Geeks: Guess Who's Driving High Tech Demand

Pensions & Parties: While Workers Suffer, Execs Party

Raiding Retirement: Boomers are Dipping into 401(k)s

NAM Analysis: Social Security's Perfect Storm

Saving Contest: Cash Prizes for Your Ideas

Womens' Hurdles: Women Trail in Retirement Plans

Scam-busters: Targeting Those Who Target Elders

Election Dilemma: Tax Cut Question in 2010

Newswire21: US Studies Age Discrimination

Got the Blues: Downturn Hurts Worker Pensions

Rocky Market: It's See-saw Time on Wall St.

Just Desserts: A Swindler Goes to Prison

Street Painting: Artists Celebrate 'La Bella Terra'

NAM Special Report: Ruling Helps Social Security Checks

Old Money: Getting Old at Home is Cheaper

Company Plan: Employer-funded Plans Do Better

Slow Road Back: Boomers Face a Long Recovery

Voluntary Benefit: Each Generation Wants Their Own

Women in Crisis: Women Bear the Brunt of Crises

High Priority: Americans Want Social Security Fixed

Re-careering: A Foundation Grant Help Women Switch Careers

New Tricks: Looking for Work Has Changed

Pension Gap: The US Trails Europe on Pensions

N21: Panel Advises Better Social Security Records

On Sale: Boomers Snapping Up Cheap Homes

Pension Fiasco: Ex-Govt Watchdog Had Wall St. Ties

Delayed Retirement: Municipal Workers Hold Onto Jobs

Pay Cut: Less Money Can Mean Less Stress

Redefining Poverty: 'Poverty Line' Under Attack

Taxing Times: Tax Day Puts Focus on Evaders

Short Commute:Boomers Choose Homes Near Work

Medicare Flack: Benefit Reform Proposal Draws Heat

Paying Up: Boomers Help Parents Financially

Discrimination Claim: US Looks Into Caregiving Needs

Help Wanted: Nonprofits Need Boomer Managers

Hard Time: Costs of Housing Older Prisoners Soars

'Perverse' Incentives: Retirement Fund Managers Take on Risk

Longer Layoffs: Boomers Struggle Harder to Find Work

Retirement Planning: Workers Say They Need Help

Scams Are Rising: Recession Brings Out the Creeps

Gen X's Pain: The Kids Are Hurting, Too

Small Biz: Owners Don't Plan for Retirement

Who's the Boss:Boomers Shun Management Posts

Entry Level: Boomers Take Low-paying Jobs

Grand Givers: Grandparents Help Their Kids Afford Kids

401(k) Rx: Patching Up Your Nest Egg

Poor Old Ladies: Poverty Stalks Women in Retirement

Hanging On:Boomers Fare Better in Layoffs

Money Talk: Honey, We Need to Talk More

A Little Short: Americans Need Another $1.5 Mln to Retire

Retiring Poor: Millions of Ethnic Elders Impoverished

Changing Image: How We View Retirement Needs to Change

Name Your Price: Haggling Actually Works. Try It.

Kids vs. Us: Boomers Put College Over Retirement

Going Long: Americans Want Long-term Care

Cracked Eggs: Scrambling to Repair Your Nest Egg

Money Trouble: Boomers Fret Over Housing & Health

Unhealthy Feeling: 1 in 5 Worry About Health Costs

Cashing Out: Why Cash Isn't the Best Long-term Strategy

Senioritis: Cash-strapped States to Trim Senior Programs

Free Money: The Fed Cuts Some Interest Rates to Zero

Fund Watch: Who's Guarding the Pension Funds?

ImageBoomer VC: Entrepreneurs Compete for Funding

Boomer Startups: A venture capital competition highlights companies serving baby boomers. 

Business Opportunity: Boomer Ventures Need Flexibility

Getting By: Boomers Worry About Paying for Retirement

Economic Recovery? Six Years of Hard Labor

Loyal Bosses: Firms Stand By 401(k)s

Losing Faith: Even Boomers Question Social Security

Hitting Home: Boomers See Home Equity Plunge

Hard Times: Boomers Feel the Most Pain

Scam Alert: Recession Brings Out the Snakes

Financial Defense: A Trick to Preserve Your Cash

Pension Pain: Governments Are Behind by $1 Trillion

Different Strokes: Ages Differ on Retirement Outlook

Harder Times: It's Getting Harder to Save

Climbing Ladders: Ensuring Steady Retirement Income

After Retirement: When Most Income Arrives

Portable Retirement: California Considers Moveable IRAs

Retirement Plans: Few Ready for Health Costs

Back to Work: 1 in 5 Retirees Plans to Unretire

Bright Spot: In Hard Times, Boomers Keep Spending

Worry List: Money Tops List of Fears

Price Conscious: Boomers Worry More About Rising Prices

Help Wanted: Who's Hiring the Boomers

On Target: Archer Drugs Aims at Alzheimer's

Encore Jobs: Nonprofits Rate Boomers Highly

Choose Wisely: Open Enrollment Can Save You Dough

Financial Crisis: Millions of Boomers Will Delay Retirement

Worst of Times: Elders Say It's As Bad as It's Been

Go Ask Granny: 1/3 of Grandparents Help Pay for College

Gen X Philanthropy: Guess Which Generation is Most Generous

Labor Day Worries: It's No Holiday for Boomers

Falling Behind: 72 Million Can't Pay Health Bills

Robbing the Dead: Bank Settles Claims It Stole from Dead People

Getting Started: Advice for Boomer Entrepreneurs

Encore Careers: Colleges Tech Old Dogs New Tricks

The Unretired: More Boomers Delay Retirement

Retirement Benefits: Few Expect What They've Been Pomised

Bumps Ahead: Comprehensive Plans Help Avoid Money Problems

Still Saving: Volatility Doesn't Slow Retirement Savings

Soaring Costs: Health Costs Thwart Retirement Plans

Third Rail: The Candidates Tackle Social Security

Not Enough: Health Savings Accounts Fall Short

Retirement Funds: Pension Funds Earn 14% More than 401 Over Decade(k)

Buy or Sell: Retirement Portfolios Feel the Heat

Bankrupt Boomers: Filings Skyrocket for Older Americans

On The Job: Benefits That Keep Boomers Working

Gender Gap: Women Need to Save More

Worried Women: Retirement Threats Sink In

On The Cheap: You CAN Live Better on Less

Rate Hikes: Feds Warn of LTC Scams

Cost-a-COLA Seniors Want (Need) a Raise

Where You Live: Medicare Benefits Vary by State

Where's the Money?: Age Matters on Retirement Funds

June Swoon: Pension Funding Hit by Stock Plunge

More, Please: You'll Spend More After Retirement

Scams Targeted: The Feds Go After Elder Rip-offs

Crackdown: SEC Goes After Annuity Fraud

Developing Problem: Boomer Lack Savings in Emerging Countries

You're Busted: The Housing Slump Ate My Nest Eggs

Encore Careers: Older Workers Love New Direction

On The Job: Benefits That Keep Boomers Working

Weighing Priorities: Boomers Put College Savings Ahead of 401(k)s

Gen Y Bulls: Outpacing Boomers on Wall Street

Rent Check: Housing's the Biggest Threat to Elders

Doing Good: Boomers Seek Social Benefit Jobs

Frugal Boomers: In Recession, Guess Who's Cutting Back?

Fine Print: Most Fail to Probe 401(k) Options

Job Hunting: Boomers Sabotage Their Job Hunts

401(k) Loss: The Plunge Cost You 38.5%

Not-So-Golden: California Elders Feel the Pain

Boomer Consumer: A Recovery? When We Decide.

Costs Rising: Your Benefits Will Cost You More

Back Burner: Boomers Say Retirement Can Wait

Myopic Planning: Two-thirds Shun Long-term Insurance

Unexpected Costs: Alzheimer's Also Costs a Lot

Springing Leaks: Is Your 401(k) Leaking?

The Unretired: They're Not Retired. They're Unemployed.

Pension Problem:Risks to Retirement Funds Rising

Health-flation: Health Premiums Rise at 4-times Wages

Gender Gap: Women Need to Save More

June Swoon: Pension Funding Hit by Stock Plunge

More, Please: You'll Spend More After Retirement

Scams Targeted: The Feds Go After Elder Rip-offs

Crackdown: SEC Goes After Annuity Fraud

Developing Problem: Boomer Lack Savings in Emerging Countries

You're Busted: The Housing Slump Ate My Nest Eggs

A Little LTC: Planning for a Long-term Care Boom

Off Target: Some Risky 'Low-risk' Funds

Poor Women: Women Face Higher Risk of Poverty

Fretting Females Women Worry About Retirement

Millionaires Scrimp: Affluent Boomers Are Cutting Back

Boomer Blunders: Hard Times Spur Bad Moves

Blame Game: Pensions Take Heat for Greed

401(k) Klutzes: Common Errors in Savings

Good Help: Experts Push for In-home Care Standards

Benefit Jam: Insurers Clogging Social Security

401(k) Options: New Tools for New Times

Social Cause: Fixing Cash-strapped Benefit Programs

Laying Golden Eggs: Retirement portfolios grow faster in some regions than others.

Decoding Retirement: Financial Jargon Stymies Boomers

Robbing the Bank: 1 in 4 Raids Retirement Savings

What Ev: 2 in 3 Gen Xers Won't Retire

Worry Grows: More Boomers Fret Retirement Costs

Non-cash Donations: Tax Breaks Let You Give More

ID Theft: Scammers are shifting to phone pitches.

Office Politics: Generation Gap Grows at Work

Boomerang Workers: Some workers return to old jobs.

Unprepared to Retire: Two-thirds of boomers worry

Social Security Value: Benefits would cost $225,000 in a private plan.

Healthy Increase: Insurance Costs Head Higher

Boomer Entrepreneurs: Many Plan New Businesses

Pensions Stabilize: Most Plans Won't Change in '08

Laid Back: Boomers Don't Worry About Retirement

Work After 40: Best Employers for Older Workers

Disability Risks: Boomers Underestimate Effects

Fatter Nest Eggs: Education, Marriage Affect Retirement Savings

Homeless Retirees: Weak Economy Puts More on Street

The Gender Gap: Men still lead women, but hold on...

Leaky Retirement Plan: Debt can eat your savings.

Financial Risks: Dated strategies leave boomers behind their kids.

Boomer Retirements: Why companies are worried you'll leave.

Losing Ground: Costs are rising faster than Social Security Benefits.

Pension Changes: Fewer boomers will get pensions.

Losing at Savings: The sandwich generation has little saved.

Reverse Mortgages: A blessing for some, they're a curse for many.

Poverty Line Limbo: Poor Seniors Aren't Poor Enough

Special Problems: Nontraditional Families Face Retirement Hurdles

College Savings: Dad, Can I Have $87,000?

Retirement Risks: 61% of Boomers Unprepared

Cash Pours In: Boomers Stuffing 401(k)s

Don't Downsize Yet: Resist the temptation to buy a house...for now.

Back-testing Portfolios: History lessons can help you invest.

Thinking Long Term: The costs of aging are higher than you think.

Retirement Quiz: Answer 10 questions about your retirement outlook.

Forget Something? Sixty percent of boomers haven't done any retirement planning.  

Take a Hike: Some Medicare Plans Triple Drug Prices

Will Work for Benies: Boomers Need Health Insurance

Health Insurance: Some companies want to ditch employer-paid health insurance.

Social Security Value: Benefits would cost $225,000 in private plans.

AGING IN AMERICA: Paul Kleyman, Editor for the American Society on Aging, decries ageism in the media.
ImagePart 1: No 'Crisis' In Social Security
Part 2: Ways to Fix Program Funding
Part 3: Ageist Media Business Model
Part 4: Reasons for Optimism

Medicare Budget Crunch: If you think the Social Security budget is a mess, wait till you see the shortfall in Medicare.  

Boomers Wanted: Uncle Sam Needs You

Purpose Prize: Encore Careers Bring Awards

Jobs for Boomers: Employers Need Experienced Workers

Jobs Online: Site Links Boomers to Jobs

Workforce Changes: Companies Brace for a Shift Change

Staying on the Job: The percentage of older Americans still in the workforce is at its highest level since the early '70s.  

Risky Business: Starting a business near retirement age takes lots of planning.

No Retirement: 90% of Small business owners keep working.

Starting Again: Seeking a new career? Colleges can help.

Limited Visibility: It's getting hard to plan for retirement

Annuities in 401ks?: They're really not for everyone.

Caregiving Costs: Boomers Give a Lot More Than Love

Retirement Laggards: Women trail when it comes to planning.

Fighting Inflation: You can improve your life and fight inflation.

Double Dip: Fed workers could return to work and keep their pension.

Sandwiched: One in six boomers is supporting their parents and "adult kids."

Discerning Women: Retailers turn to the older women

Big Pension Changes: Most companies have changed their retirement plans, and many more will.  

Annuities Reconsidered: Law Could Provide Tax Break for Annuities

The Pivot Generation: With adult "kids" and parents in need, boomers face financial squeeze.

Supporting 'Adult Kids': A quarter of boomers provide money to their adult children.

Jobs Boomers Want: Ten public service groups are honored for creating meaningful jobs for older Americans.

Big Spenders: Doting grandparents spend well over a grand.

Social Security: Senior group complains benefit hikes trail real costs.

Work Benefits: Boomers want packages right for their "life stage."

Retirement Savings: More now saving for retirement through 401(k)s.

Re-Careering: Old boomers don't just retire, they get into something new.

Thinking Long Term: Why you should include long-term care insurance in retirement plans.

Knowledge Transfer: Small Business After Mom & Pop

Succession Planning: Most small business people put off planning for the future of their companies.

ImageEmotions Cloud Plans: Investing requires cool, clear thinking, not an emotional panic.

Hot Wheels: Will you be sharing your next car instead of buying it? More boomers are sharing.

Closed-End = Big Returns: The argument for (and against) closed-end funds.

They'll Miss the Boomers: Most companies are unprepared for the exodus of older workers.

Honey, They Shrunk the Pension: Millions people over 50 face a pension shortfall under plans that favor the young.

Catching a (Tax) Break: Between helping their parents and saving the environment, boomers are due a few breaks.

The Whole Life

THE LONGEVITY REVOLUTION: Our three-part series on how communities will change.

Image Part I: A Gray Wave Hits Home
Part II: Baby Steps on a Long Road
Part III: Neighbors Saving Neighborhoods

Pre-Retirement: Author Sees A New Life Stage

Driving Issue: Older Men Have More Fatalities

Older Drivers: Safety Isn't Tied to Age

NAM: Pt. 1, Prodigy's Career Interrupted

NAM: Pt. 2, Poor Grandparents Raising Kids

NAM: Pt. 1, Some Abused Suffer in Silence

NAM: Pt. 2, Asian Culture Shrouds Abuse

NAM: For Bangladeshis, the US is Strange

NAM: Demographer Bust Boomer Myths

Home Front:Caregivers for Vets Face Challenge

NAM Special Report: Suicidal WWII Vets

Purpose Prize: Boomers Who Do Good Do Well

Green Halloween: Alternatives to Candy for Kids

Good Vibes: Boomers Exhibit Good Spirits in Hard Times

A Fundamental Problem: A Midlife Crisis After Leaving the Flock

Vacation Time: Even Caregivers Need a Break

NAM Special Report:Aging Wave Rolls Over India

Auto Autos: Using Tech to Battle Driver Stress

HNY Resolutions: It's About You (and the World)

Sun Worshippers: Boomers Flock to the Sunbelt

Dad Knows Best: Old Drivers Know When to Pull Over

Older Drivers: Age-proofing US Roadways

Affordable Housing:Where Will Aging Boomers Live

Taking the Keys:Dealing with Aging Drivers

Street Art: Artists Turn Pavement Into Art

Liveable Cities: Four Cities Look at Aging

Boomer Boot Camp: Getting Into Shape the Hard Way

Life Online: Do You Know Where the Kids Surf? (No.)

Old and Angry:Elders Taking It To The Street

Dream Homes: Where Boomers Want to Live

Multitasking: Do More, and Make More Errors

Best Places: Where Would You Rather Work?

Still High:1 in 20 Boomers Use Drugs

Fading Culture: Retirement Homes for Nissei May Fade

Aging In Place: 'Villages' Offer Local Network

Cube Mates: Work Relationships Carry Risks

Failing Spirit: Younger Folks Losing Their Religion

Easy Living: Plans to Kick Back in Retirement

Volunteers Soar: Lining Up to Work for Free

Personal History: Preserving the Wisdom of Elders

Online Video: Boomers Watch the Most Video

Hello, Cupcake: Have a Bite of Nostalgia

All In The Family: More People Are Sharing Homes

Baby Boom: And Baby Makes 4.3 Million

Tea Time: The Hip Take a Sip

Sea Cruise: Vacation Values Learn to Float

Pigeon-holing Boomers: Do You Feel Like a Stereotype?

Smaller Families: Households Have Fewer Kids

Happier New Year: Resolutions for Trying Times

Changing the World: Boomers Rate High for Positive Impacts

Volunteer Lifestyle: It's More Than Just a Job

Must See TV: Boomers Get Shows Just for Them

Peace Now: Boomers are More Hawkish Than Their Kids

Teaming Up: Eldercare Groups Find Strength in Unity

What a Waste: Billions in Medicare Funds are Lost

82 Cents a Day: Little in Bailout for Struggling Seniors

Boomers Online: Harnessing the Power of the Masses

Game Dweebs: Boomers Become Video Gamers

The Right Path: Boomers Demand Better Cycling Paths

It's Melting: The North Pole Goes Ice Free

Web of History: Family Histories Get Easier

Chill, Mom: Ways to Ease Maternal Stress

(No) God Talk: Humanist Podcast Explores Spirituality

Green Boomers:An Earth-friendly generation.

Part 1: Social Issues Influence Shopping Choices

Part 2: Boomers Plan to Grow Greener in '08

Voluntourism: A Program Just for You

Anxious Delay: Retiring Late Stirs Emotions

Shorter Days: Companies Try Phased Retirement

Brown Bag: Try Health & Savings for Lunch

Aging Stages: Housing for Elders, 101

Boomer Mythology: 10 Biggest Misconceptions

Global Stress: 'Sandwich Gen' Problems Felt Worldwide

Elder Tech: (Cheap) Technology Means Freedom

Aging Boomers: 62-year-olds don't think they're old (yet).


Gardens Grow on Boomers: Part 1 - More folks are growing their own organic vegetables, saving money and having fun.

Gardens North and South: Part 2 - From sunny California to the Arctic Circle, 18,000 gardens are sprouting.

Men on Floor: Old Guys in Assisted Living

Looser Leaves: More Firms Grant Caregiving Leaves

Living Long: The Downsides of Longevity

With Resolve: New Year's resolutions go beyond shedding pounds

21st Century TV Dinners: Organic produce and gourmet touches make today's quick meals a thrifty alternative to those aluminum-encased health bombs of yesteryear.  

On The Cheap: You CAN Live Better on Less

Redefining Poverty: NYC Goes Its Own Way

Healthy Living: Rating Top Retirement Towns

Unprepared: Caregiving Role Challenges Women

Live-in Parents: When Your Mom Moves In

Meet the Kids: Children Often Help with Caregiving

Caregivers Grieve: A Fate Worse Than Death?

Virtual Generation: Boomers Contribute to 'Generation V'

Retiring Near the Kids: Empty-nesters could move anywhere. But they want to stay near the kids.  

Party Time: Boomers should make the most of office parties.

Gifts That Matter: Some of the best gifts don't come from stores.

Before Their Time: Many Technologies for Elders Go Untried

ImageSecond Homes: Boomers are snapping up getaways near the beach and the mountains. 

Retirement Hide-aways: Boomers are redefining the style of their after-work homes.  

Mandatory Retirement: Some Boomers Don't Have Much Choice

Adult Day Care: Centers aren't just kidding around.

A Working Vacation: Voluntourism helps boomers give back.


Boomer Dads: Fathers in their 40s and 50s say they'd like to spend more time with the kids, and less with the boss.

Recycling Fanatics: A survey shows older Americans lead the younger crowd when it comes to recycling.

Vacation Leaders: Who like to go on vacation more than baby boomers? Nobody.

Renewable Decor: Chic boomers are choosing renewable materials when remodeling.

All Work, No Pay: Boomers take pleasure in volunteering to give back to their communities.

De-boomering: A new generation has its own style of working.

The '60s Are Back: Turbulent decade surfaces in presidential campaigns.

Their Turn: Age discrimination isn't just for the old.


Cohousing for Boomers: Part 1 - Seeking a sense of community balances with privacy? Try multigenerational cohousing.

Cohousing Gets Older: Part 2 - The over-55 crowd gets cohousing of its own.

Social Networks for Boomers? Do baby boomers really want to put their profiles online? Some think so.  


Health & Fitness


SKIN DEEP: Our Four-part series on how boomers resist looking older.
Pt. 1: Why We Do It
Pt. 2: Surgical Strikes
Pt. 3: Costs & Risks
Pt. 4: Natural Alternatives

Elder Abuse:US Attorney Probes Nursing Homes

NAM Special Report: Decisions Near the End

Alzheimer's Awareness: Hispanics Don't See High Risks

Brittle Bones: Osteo Drugs Tied to Fractures

NAM Special Report: Part 1 - Indian Nannies Find Abuse

NAM Special Report: Part 2 - Little Help for Troubled Nannies

Bummed Out: Boomers Lead Rise in Depressions

Cancer Care:Leveling the Ethnic Odds

Living Longer: Japanese Women Live 6 More Years

Heart Emergency: Massage in a Cardiac Arrest

NAM: Part 1, California Cuts Aid to Elders

NAM: Part 2, A Family Adjusts to Alzheimer's

Be Happy: Worry Can Make You Sick

New Genes: Reseachers Find Alzheimer's Clues

Alzheimer's Ethics: Gene Tests Raise New Questions

Alzheimer's Bill: Obama Signs Landmark Legislation

Alzheimer's Relief: Landmark Bill Passes in House

Alzheimer's Impact: Disease Threatens Economy

Alzheimer's Choices: Facing Tough Decisions

Alzheimer's Toll: A Family Suffers With Elders

Alzheimer's Relief: Senate OK's Landmark Bill

Health Reform: Judge Says Part of Law is Illegal

NAM: Advances Helping Depressed Seniors

Off The Couch: Exercise Lowers Aging's Impact

Tech Solutions: Caregivers Need New Devices

Boomer Health: Do You Have a Cold or Flu

Risky Care: Little Progress in Hospital Safety

Health Funds: $27 Million for Health Programs

Weak Bones: Bone Drug May Weaken Bone Structure

Sandwiched: Stuck in the Middle on Health

Health Hurdle: A Legal Challenge to Health Reform

Colon Cancer: Obesity Cuts Survival Rates

Pollution Costs: Tens of Millions Spent on Health Problems

Real Nightmare: Ethnicity Matters in Sleeplessness

HIV Cocktails: Popular Drugs Carry Heart Risk

Smoking Drugs 1: The Side Effects Can Kill You

Smoking Drugs 2:How These New Drugs Work

Didn't Know That: Women in the Dark on Heart Woes

Valentine Heart: A Little Love for Your Heart

Cutting Back: Cash-strapped Elders Skip Their Meds

Oh, I Get It: Boomers Like Health Reform Ideas

Salty Tale: Diet Dinners Loaded in Sodium

Eating Veggies: Diet Tied to Lung Cancer Survival Rates

Shrinks Shrink: A Shortage of Pscyhiatrists Looms

Newswire21: Cancer Tests Could Save 10,000

NAM Special Report, Pt 1: Diabetes on the Reservation

NAM Special Report, Pt 2: Program to Help Indian Heatlh

Little Pink Pill: Drugs to Make Her...Eager

Cholesterol Concern: Consumer Group Warns on Statins

Cancer Alley Pt. 1: Aging in Polluted Neighborhoods

Cancer Alley Pt. 2: Fighting Back Against Pollution

Cancer Alley Pt. 3: Solutions to Problem Elude Residents

New Heart: Man Heads Home With Artificial Heart

Still Clueless: Women Don't Understand Strokes

I'm Falling: Elders Stay Silent About Falls

Eye Triage: Program Sets Priorities in Eye Care

Be Prepared: Get Ready for Caregiving

Unhappy Homes: 1 in 6 Face Domestic Abuse

New Technique: Retinal Vein Surgery Advances

Big Fans: Boomers Are Hooked on the Health Debate

Chicken & Eggs: Flu Vaccines Go to the Dogs

Mall Foot: Podiatry Problems Plague Shoppers

Zip Code Diagnosis:You Are Where You Live

Caring Boomers: 1 in 3 Are Caregivers

Alzheimer's Holiday: Enjoying Holidays, With Limitations

Blind to Problems: Millions of Boomers to Go Blind

Diabetic Surge: Boomers Face Soaring Disease Rate

Alzheimer's Fund: $39 Million Set for Dementia Research

Make-up Tests: Cash-strapped Boomers Skip Health Tests

Strange Advice: Advice on Cancer Stirs Debate

After the Cancer: Big Challenges After the Battle

Short-term Vision: Boomers Still Don't Get Long-term Insurance

Looking Good: Boomers spend $4 billion a year to "age naturally."

Computer Brain: Electronic Games Help Brains Stay Young

Stressed Out: Taking Care of Elders Can Hurt Marriages

Old Too Soon: Study of Twins Shows Premature Aging

Sex & Cancer: All That Free Love Came at a Price

Achy Joints: The Orthopedic Surgeon Shortage

Smooth Operators: Surgeons Group Addresses Shortage

Side Effects: Cutting Corners on Drugs

Doing Well: Workplace Wellness Programs Really Work

In Your Dreams: Boomers Think They're Fitter Than They Are

Uninsured: What to Do if You Lose Your Health Coverage

Prostate Risk: Cholesterol Level Tied to Cancer

New Skin: Abrasion Therapy Triggers Cell Growth

Falling Up: The Cost of Falling is Rising

Tired Travelers: Apnea Takes a Toll on Safety

Bling Justice: A Judge Blasts Social Security

Blues Chasing:Surfing Online Fights Depression

In the Genes: Prize-winning Work on Chromosomes & Aging

Faulty Vision: Millions Could Avoid Sight Loss

Cancer Part 1: Disease All Around Us

Cancer Part 2: The Pain After the Cure

The Big Jump: Alzheimer's Victims Will Double

Flu Facts: So, Do You Want the Vaccine?

Making Do: Women Are Often Content With Less

Staying Healthy: 4 Ways to Cheat Death

Elder Nutrition: Program Focuses on Health Eating

Confidence Rising: People Have Higher Expectations on Health

Dementia Risk: High Cholesterol Tied to Alzheimer's

Yoga Diet: Being Aware of What You Eat

Healthy Habit: Almost Everyone Benefits from Fish Oil

On the Label: Are New Drugs Really Better?

Stay Happy: Stressed-out Women Die Younger

Fatal Snoring: Sleep Apnea Can Kill You

Health Care: A Public Option with Few Takers

Pains of Aging: Student Learn About Handicaps

Shrunken Brain: Fatter People Have Smaller Brains

Facing Up: Natural Ways to Keep Looking Young

Medicare Gap: Buying Into Medicare Before 65

Skimpy Women: Cash-strapped Women Skimp on Healthcare

Miss Something?: Colonoscopies Not as Effective as Thought

Got Your Back: Some Companies Back Up Caregivers

Off the Waggin' Sobriety Programs Without the Sermon

Telemed Expanded: Millions Now Qualify for Service

Cautious Consumers: Boomers Wary About Health Plans.

Baby Aspirin: Should We Take Them?

Warning Signs: Discovering Alzheimer's in Your 50s

Heal Thyself: Caregivers Susceptible to Aging Diseases

Flying Flu: The Swine Flu's Spreading Fast

Health Advocate: Prevention Institute Backs Reform

Obesity Clue: Could Obesity Stem from Bacteria?

Healthier Commute: Walking, Biking Leads to Health

Close Counts: Elders do Better With Closer Caregivers

Hesitation Blues: Doctors Often Delay Alzheimer's Diagnosis

Monkey See: Monkeys Who Eat Less Live Longer

Cancer Costs: Often, People Can't Afford Cancer

Don't Eat That: Certain Diets Tied to Alzheimer's

Discomfort Food: Obesity Rates Soar with Poor Diets

Another Glass: A Closer Look at Wine & Health

In Moderation: Do Health People Simply Drink Less?

Drug Lingo: FDA Wants Clearer Language on Drugs

Universal Drug: Should Aging Boomers Take HBP Pills?

Plan Ahead: Talking Before Surgery Reduces Error

Testing Too Late: With Alzheimer's Testing Early Helps

X-ing C & E: Studies Cast Doubt on Popular Vitamins

Supplemental: Boomers Love Their Vitamins

Fair Hearing: Caregivers Worry About Hearing Problems

Medicare Part Dumb: Web Sites Omit Cheaper Options

Brain Check: Free Test Can Spot Alzheimer's

What is Hip?: Boomers Are Learning About Bone Health

Sleepy Yet?: Boomers Gobble Down Sleep Aids

A Tad Salty: Sodium Lurks in Foods You Wouldn't Suspect

Drug of Choice: Big Pharma Plans 2,000 Drugs for Boomers

Try Neurobics: Exercise for Your Brain

Future Health: LIve Well Now, Live Well Later

Election Choice: Caregivers Favor Obama

Greater Risk: Alzheimer's Hits Hispanics Harder

Caregiving 101: A Little Advice from Your Friends

What a Pain: Millions of Boomers Live with Pain

Preventing Falls: Simple Ways to Keep Aging Parents Upright

The Memory Drug:Memory Tied to Vit D

Flash! Menopause Symptom Tied to Osteoporosis

Hep Cats: Boomers Lead in Hepatitis C Risk

Fiscal Prescription: Boomers Seek Alternative Medicine

Caregiving Online: NIH Reaches Out to Boomers

Financial Ills: The Recession Raises Cancer Risks

Take 10: We All Need a Time Out

Not Getting Through: Hearing Problems Complicate Caregiving

Economic Wrinkle: The Recession Makes Caregiving Harder

Bitter Sweets: Diabetes is Tied to Dementia

Curing Hospitals: Can't Those Rooms Be Nicer?

S-P-E-L-L-I-N-G-B-E-E: Contests Exercise the Noodle

Going Up: Study Predicts Soaring Health Costs

Rough Nights: 44% Have Trouble Sleeping

College Fund: Colleges Get Grants to Train Caregivers

Unhealthy Struggle: 2 in 3 Americans Struggle with Health Costs

Losing Sleep: Caregivers Risk Getting Too Few Zzzzs.

Angry Women: Frustrations with Healthcare.

Learning CPR: 2 in 3 Can't Save Lives.

Berry Good Diet: Phenol-rich Fruits Help Memory.

Holiday Stress: Caregivers never catch a break.

Caregiving 101: Professionals create a time-saving clinic.

Outlawing Falling: Lawmaker Try to Keep Elders Upright.

Cutting Care: Reductions Will Hurt Older Patients

No Nurses: Shortage Looms as Boomers Retire

Alzheimer's Threat: 1 in 8 Face Deadly Disease

Being Heard Hearing Problems Strain Relationships

Tax Hearing A Tax Break for Hearing Aids

200,000 Friends: Coalition Offers Planning Help

Hey, Sweetie: That Baby Talk May Hurt Your Parents

Bigger Handouts?: Nonprofit Health Agencies Look for Help

Mad Money: Psychologist Jerry Shapiro on Money

Off Target: Alzheimer's Diagnosis is Often Missed

Rising Costs: Adult Daycare Costs Are Soaring

No Sagging: Cosmetic Surgery Industry Thriving

Vacation Relief: Caregivers Need a Break

Quiet Epidemic: 1 in 10 Have Silent Strokes

Costly Lifestyle Long-term Care Costs Soar

Avoiding Alzheimer's: Emphasis Shifts from Care to Prevention

Bad to the Bone: Few Understand Osteoporosis Risk

Brain Health: You Think What You See

Busting Healthcare: The System Could Break by 2017

The Medical Home: Aging populations are changing healthcare.

Caregiving & College: Grants Will Help to Train Pros

Healthy Workers: Companies Worry About Your Health

Brain Muscle: Physical Exercise Helps You Think

Oh, Nurse!?: Boomers Face Shortage of Healthcare Workers

Losing Focus: 60 Million Boomers Face Eye Problems

Osteo Tests: Funding for bone tests would be back under a new bill.

Osteo Drugs: Study Shows No Big Differences

Anchovy Face: Skin care products turn to organic compounds.

Designer Drugs: Drugs Tailored to You

Timely Diversions: Programs help patients to avoid nursing homes.

Off-label Stents: 1 Million Use Stents in Untested Ways

Cup of Woe: Coffee May Double Miscarriage Risk

Tea Time: Behold the Health Benefits of Tea

Say What?: Boomers Clueless About Medicare

Cheating Death: Progress on Cervical Cancer

Achy Bones: Arthritis Rates Start Soaring

Feeling Their Age: Boomers find out that age hurts.

Dubious Medicine: Here are 10 treatments you may not need.

Breast Cancer Myths: Some "well-known facts" aren't true.

Women's Health: Advances on Cervical Cancer

Healthy Halloween: Some parents feel candy is a trick, not a treat.

Blind to Risks: Shunning yearly eye exams can cost you your sight.

Surf's Up: Boomers Take to the Waves
Part 1: More Boomers Start Surfing
Part 2: What's Behind the Craze

Doctor, Doctor: After all that advice, boomers trust their doctors.

Out of Sight: Boomers tend to ignore their eyes, risking blindness as they age.

Redifining the Gym: People in their 40s and 50s expect more than some machines and weights.

Hands-on Health: Boomers Love Their Massages

Alzheimer's Advance: A new test may soon bring early diagnosis.

Rowing Towards Nirvana: Rowers get a lot more from their outings than a boat ride.

Cool It, Boomers: Heart risks rise as the temperature soars.

'Boom' For Illness: Bummer. Six in 10 boomer will have a chronic disease by 2030.

Living Longer: Longer lifespans can strain emotions as well as budgets.


A Commute That's Actually Fun: You save gas, spare the air and get exercise simply by riding your bike.

Thoracic Park: Heart, Lung Surgeon Shortage Looms

A Weighty Problem: Obesity is quickly becoming the leading preventable cause of death in both emerging and developed economies.

Pelvic Problems Ahead: Two thirds of women will have serious problems before age 60.

Cancer Revisited: Some Survivors Let Down Their Guards

The Wine Pill: You've heard the benefit of red wine. But should you get them through a pill?


Cafe au Lait?: Madame, if you must drink coffee, milk might make it a little healthier.

Boomers Fight the Bulge: Four out of five boomers are fat, and most are trying to do something about it.

Caring for Parents: Warning signs to watch for as your parents age.

Caregiving Basics: Here are six ways to start paying your folks back.

A for Caregivers: Boomers turn to computer matching services to find the right helper for their parents.

Say Again? After decades of rockin' out, many boomers have lost some of their hearing.

At Your Leisure


A Subcontinental Subplot: A story of two loves and two cultures teaches how to find yourself.

S'more Time: Thrifty Boomers Go Camping

Goes Down Easy: Comfort Food Eases Hard Times

Hard Times Workout: Networking at the Gym

Slow Food: Locavores Gain on the Big Mac

Not-so-Golden Years: Author Bursts the Retirement Myth

On Vacation: Cycling in Seattle

Jerry Day: A Park's Still Grateful

Retiring Together: Trouble Looms When One Spouse Retires

Holiday Visits: Be Alert When Visiting the Folks

Changing Scene: Boomers Will Have to Bend in a Changing World

It's For You: A Cell Phone Maker Targets Boomers

Happier Holidays: Visit Your Elders, and Pay Attention

Rethinking the Home: Pondering a Nursing Home Makeover

Move Over, Sonny: Boomers Getting Into Social Media

Surf City: Boomers Lead in Online Use

Street Artists: Artwork Doomed from the Start

Dubious Claims: Paul Kleyman Questions IOUSA Facts

Green Giving: Five Alternatives to Buying That Tie

Romance? Try Pittsburgh: A list of the most romantic places offers some surprising ideas for get-aways.

Office Romances: Many Boomers Marry Coworkers

Warriors Invade the US: China's famed terra cotta soldiers will go on tour.  

Tulia: A tale of how racism led to imprisonment of innocents in America.

Book Review: Understand Your Chances in Health

The Places in Between: Rory Stewart's tale of discovering the spirit of Afghanistan by walking across it.

The Kite Runner: Khaled Hosseini's tale gives us perspective on our lives from deep in Afghanistan.

Boomer Fave: Rickey Henderson Steals Into Cooperstown

The Mayflower: Nathaniel Philpott’s superb recounting of early politics involving Native Americans and the Pilgrims.

Film: Not So Crazy for 'Crazy Heart'


Film: 'Away From Her' Julie Christie stars in a touching story of a relationship's evolution.

Film: 'Waitress' Pie is easy. Life is hard. Especially if you're a waitress married to a jerk.