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Tom Murphy,  December 28, 2007

Stealing from old people used to be a despicable crime. Any thug who tried it - much less a major corporation - would get the book thrown at him. That has changed now that the Bush Administration, under the guise of the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission, rewrote the book to allow employers to skip out on promises to older retirees regarding health insurance. Under common practice, and common sense, corporations had been prohibited from offering better benefits to younger workers than to older workers, or to older retirees who were part of the healthcare plan. But the Bush Administration changed that, saying corporations no longer have to provide the same employer-provided coverage to workers over 65 who qualify for Medicare. In fact, it's now "voluntary" to provide anything at all. Never mind that the employer plans generally paid for things that Medicare doesn't, or that many doctors don't even accept Medicare patients. The chairwoman of the commission had the nerve to call this "welcome news" for retirees. But we still call it stealing from old people.

Cathie Ramey,  December 12, 2007

Contributing to the happiness of our grandchildren is something baby boomers embrace with gusto. And there are 4.5 million grandparents who've taken their role to another level: actually living with their grandchildren, often without either parent present.In many cases, these grandparents have taken on the responsibility of raising these kids. But if you find suddenly yourself in an encore performance of parenting, don't assume you've been there, done that. Like all caregiving situations, people who look after their grandchildren need support, guidance and assistance with the many ups and downs they encounter. For more info, check AARP's Grandparent Information Center or contact an agency in your area.

Cathie Ramey,  November 12, 2007

Walking half an hour a day will not only help with global warming and our waistlines, but in other ways, too. Three keys to good health are staying fit, stretching your mind and connecting with the people around you. What better way to do all three than joining good friends for a brisk walk? Need more encouragement? Exercise has even been shown to lessen chances of developing Alzheimer’s later in your life. Remember, sometimes the simplest solutions are right under our feet. Use them!

Cathie Ramey,  November 10, 2007

Like parenting, caregiving comes without training. While adult children want to do the best they can for their parents, caring for an older adult can be a roller coaster ride that leaves the caregiver feeling alone and unsupported. Here are two resources that may help: "The Handbook for Long-Distance Caregivers” and “Home for the Holidays The “IN TOUCH” The publications are available for free online along with a wealth of other resources and information for caregivers.